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    Downloaded Books Won't Work


      Hello all,


      I can't get my ebooks from Google Play to work or open or anything.  I'm running on OSX 10.6.5.  I originally had my Digital Editions under a different email than the one I used for google play.  I deauthorized the different email and made a new adobe account with the same email as the one I used for google play.  Now google play and adobe editions are authorized with the same email account.  I have gutted and reinstalled digital editions (to the point, apparently, that cmmd+shift+D no longer will deauthorize digital editions).  I continue to get all the following errors:


      Error getting license

      License server communication problem: E_LIC_CONNECTION_PROBLEM


      Error getting license



      Error getting license

      Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_INTERNAL


      I have had google reset the device limit, and yet I still get that error.  Google has told me that if the errors persist, I have to contact adobe.  All I wanted was to buy these two books for school.  I have never been more frustrated with a product.  How do I get my books?