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    Downloaded Books Won't Work


      Hello all,


      I can't get my ebooks from Google Play to work or open or anything.  I'm running on OSX 10.6.5.  I originally had my Digital Editions under a different email than the one I used for google play.  I deauthorized the different email and made a new adobe account with the same email as the one I used for google play.  Now google play and adobe editions are authorized with the same email account.  I have gutted and reinstalled digital editions (to the point, apparently, that cmmd+shift+D no longer will deauthorize digital editions).  I continue to get all the following errors:


      Error getting license

      License server communication problem: E_LIC_CONNECTION_PROBLEM


      Error getting license



      Error getting license

      Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_INTERNAL


      I have had google reset the device limit, and yet I still get that error.  Google has told me that if the errors persist, I have to contact adobe.  All I wanted was to buy these two books for school.  I have never been more frustrated with a product.  How do I get my books?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          It never ceases to impress me how a problem can be repeated in a short

          time.  Yesterday, we were addressing this same issue in another thread....


          You haven't told us what environment you're in, but from the information

          you included in your post, it appears to be Mac Lion.  ADE does not work

          with Lion or Mountain Lion - reasons unknown.  So, if this is true, then

          your efforts would be a non-starter, no matter what you did.....  Adobe may

          - or may not - be working on this compatibility issue.  Some of their

          employees troll the forum, so maybe we'll hear from them.




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            kingpablo Level 1

            No, I'm not running Lion or Mountain Lion.  I'm running OSX 10.6.5, which is Snow Leopard, the one before Lion or Mountain Lion.


            And just as an added note:  if I download drm free books, they work fine in digital editions.  It's these two books that I can't get to work.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              OK.  Snow Leopard worked with ADE, so, we have a different series of



              There are several folks who have posted to the forum that ebooks they

              downloaded recently from Google didn't work.  I'm suspecting an issue with

              Google, not with ADE.  I'm guessing here, but logic tells me that it has to

              do with the way that digital rights are being applied by the Google end, as

              you say that the ebooks used to work fine, and those without digital rights

              continue to do so.


              You report that reinstalling ADE hasn't changed anything.  Generally,

              that's going to be the case, especially if it worked for a long while and

              doesn't now.


              I'd go back to the Google tech support folks and see if there's something

              going on.



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                Hi everybody, I have the same problem on Windows7 and Ubuntu 12.04

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                  same problem with one book in windows 7

                  it says that i have reached the device limit but i actually have only 2 devices

                  come on adobe what a pity this service