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    Noticable lag in CS6


      Hey folks I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm using Flash CS6 to generate art assets and animations for a mobile game but I've noticed a lot of lag when navigating the timeline, manipulating objects, just about anything really. Click the timeline and the mouse goes to spinning wheel, sometimes even get a brief Not Responding - no other programs open, not even browser.


      By my accounts Flash should be ripping along on this setup:


      Win7 64

      Core i7-2600

      8.00GB RAM

      AMD HD6900 driver 8.982.0.0

      Flash CS6 installed in home directory on SSD


      CPU in task manager never goes above 14% for Flash, even when I see it lagging. I readily admit my actual flash document might be arranged inefficiently or something: it's 38Mb with about 40 scenes and 2,400 objects in library. Is there optimization that would make a difference? Too many scenes? Too many objects?


      HELP! & thanks

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Without seeing your project it will be impossible to give you a 1,2,3 to fix the lag. Here are some general suggestions that may improve things for you.


          1. Don't use scenes. The scene metaphor is left over from the very beginnings of Flash.

          2. Organize your concept so that you can divide the content into a number of separate Flash files. You can load one Flash movie into another and unload movies when they are no longer needed.

          3. If you are using video, keep it external to the Flash movie. You can import or stream the .flv video as needed.

          4. If you are using a lot of photos or graphics for a portfolio or a catalog or something like that, you can keep these individual images in an external folder and import them as needed.

          5. If you have a lot of text, particularly if that text will change over time, keep the text file as external files and import the text as needed.


          The overall objective is to use small Flash files. Keep as many assets as possible external to the Flash files.

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            DishesAreDoneMan Level 1

            Rob, thanks for the advice. I ditched the scenes and immediately there was an improvement. Unfortunately I'm not using any of those things you mentioned, no text, no imported images, no video! I'm using the "Generate Sprite Sheet" function with my library of character animations to output spritesheets. My problem is simply that I still often find a lot of slowdown while working on my characters:


            Click a line, wait... line selected. Click to paint, wait... painted.


            I've noticed the problem always occurs, and gets worse, the deeper I go into nested symbols, either by "Edit" or "Edit in Place". Are there known performance issues with multiple nesting symbols? It becomes annoying at 6 deep on the scene header, but I've had it so crippling I couldn't work. And unfortunately, if I then open that sub-symbol from the library the lag seems to usually still be there with it.


            If I go back to the root of the scene, Flash usually seems to perform well again. As I "Edit in Place" I can see Flash getting slower and slower and it takes longer each time for the canvas to refresh, and that time delay persists with every other action on the canvas. The degradation while using "Edit" multiple times in a row is less than "Edit in Place", which would make sense from a resources point of view and what's on screen, but does still happen.


            And forget about using a Wacom pen since the action on screen has a discernable delay from the action of my pen.


            My history is set for document-wide at 25 steps. I thought maybe using per-symbol history might have been the original problem. Document is 1024x768.


            Is this a problem with using masks? Most of what I'm working on probably has a mask buried in it somewhere. Too many keyframes in a single symbol? Using nested graphics rather than nested movieclips?


            I don't know if I'm asking something unrealistic, I just assumed performance this bad had to be noticed by someone else. Otherwise it's something with my file or installation (upgrade from CS5.5) or computer. Your advice did help though, thanks.

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              I don't know what effect Generate Sprite Sheet would have. That just exports .png images from movie clips. It shouldn't make any difference to Flash whether you edit a movie clip by drilling down through the stage or by selecting that movie clip from the Library.


              From the description of your system, it may be that the problem is the way that your SSD is working with either its cache or the computer's memory or both.


              Be sure to save your file often.

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                Amy Blankenship Level 4

                Are you using a Flash Pro Project (i.e. sharing assets with AuthorTimeSharedAssets)? This will slow things to a crawl, as it constantly wants to update shared symbols.

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                  DishesAreDoneMan Level 1

                  Rob - I'll look into the SSD and cache and see if there are any known issues.

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                    DishesAreDoneMan Level 1

                    Amy - I'm not, and unfortunately that seems like a easy fix. I'm just making art assests using a Wacom tablet (Intuos4) and the built-in graphic tools within a single fla document, and not even publishing a swf. As I mentioned to Rob, I am exporting sprite sheets directly from symbols in my document's library.


                    I get some kind of crippling lag when graphically editing through too many nested symbols. It manifests as gaps in Wacom tablet input (meaning no rapid movement), delays in highlighting lines, fills, and symbols, extended delays in loading a frame's visual content. The menu's and other GUI works fine all the time - but the action on the canvas takes ever and ever longer to process with each symbol down I go. This lag makes Flash CS6 unusable when my 'breadcrumbs' reaches about 4 or 5 symbols down (scene, symbol, symbol, etc), which I can't imagine is asking too much for a modern computer and the latest version of Flash.


                    It could be that I shouldn't use 5+ symbols within symbols when making my characters or animations. Outside of other computer (CPU, GPU, etc) issues, I would still be interested to know if the very way I use Flash, and my expectations of the software itself, is to blame. I don't work with other Flash users.


                    Again, appreciate the attention on this. It frustrates the hell out of me.

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                      Zach Ogilvie

                      I am experiencing similar performance issues. I am working with movieclips, some of which are nested. I have 9-slice scaling enabled on one of them (a rounded rectangle) in order to gracefully scale it up to match the dimensions of a dynamic textbox. After some troubleshooting I determined that disabling the 9-slice scaling eliminated the problem. Not sure what's happening, all I know is that I didn't experience this behaviour in previous versions of Flash. From what you are doing it doesn't sounds like you'd have any reason to enable 9-slice scaling but it may be worth a look. It is only applicable to movieclips, so if you are not using any movieclips than you can rule this out. Good luck!

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                        Were you ever able to fix the problem? I'm having the same lag issue. The first couple of days It ran perfectly fine but now it just gets slower and SLOWER!

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                          Alesclandre Level 1

                          Verify that you don't have some extensions activated. I've used TrockorScript for a long time, and I found out that the lagging I had was due to their scripts. Closing all the TrickorScript windows resolved my problem.

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                            Lersenomermun Level 1

                            Okay thanks, how can i tell if i have these open and how can i disable them?


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                              Alesclandre Level 1

                              If you have some extensions working, you should know. Closing only the extension panels worked for me (window > Other panels), but if you want to desactivate them, you can in the "Extension Manager" application, and uncheck the good ones.

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                                DishesAreDoneMan Level 1

                                I was not able to fix the problem. I did take some of the other advice and I completely changed my workflow to use multiple files and set it up as a Flash project which uses a SharedAssets file. This has allowed me so far to keep my files rather small and use the SharedAssets file to link symbols between them. So I wouldn't call the problem fixed, but rather I found a workaround.


                                I also use completely vanilla Flash, no extensions, add-ons, nothing. This new workflow hasn't prevented other Flash CS6 bugs though, after using a file for long enough I will often get strange display bugs. For instance, adding a symbol to the stage doesn't show up until I edit some other symbol and go back, or the blue box highlight will stick to a symbol after I have deselected it. These types of bugs have shown up in every file I work on which has now put me in the habit of saving regularly and closing my working files and reopening them every hour or two, or when the bugs crop up.


                                Still getting great work done, but all this leaves me disappointed in the product overall.

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                                  Alesclandre Level 1

                                  Yeah... Flash CS6 is completely buggy.

                                  Flash CS3 is the last best version.

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                                    DishesAreDoneMan Level 1

                                    I just realized while replying to another post that I'm now doing exactly what you suggested against as a means to avoid my problems. So far I haven't found the authortimesharedassets to be a burden, but in general I only have one file open at a time (so not constantly updating between open files) and I'm not usually adding new things to the sharedassets so that when I open another file it typically doesn't have to update anything.


                                    This has been the only way so far that I've found to get around the performance degredation I noticed when I did everything within a single file. It hasn't fixed everything, there are still other performance bugs, but I'll suffer through waiting for sharedassets to update (again, usually nothing gets updated) when I open a file if it means working for a few hours without a problem.

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                                      These are my problems too.. my file size is 97mb .. it is our project in our school .. its like a book, well an electronic book , which will have 350+ pages .. but for now im in page 110 .. i dont know what happend, when i open the file it works well ..when i draw a square it shows fast then later on became lag .. when i draw a square it doesnt show immediately .. 5 seconds .. 10 seconds... 15seconds .. until i minimize the flash and maximize the flash the square will show .. even i move a graphic .. i will minimize and maximize the application again and the graphic will be moved on the place were i moved it..


                                      Can you please help me? what if i degrade into cs5 will it work well?