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    Muse Designed Blog on Business Catalyst




      I am sorry if this is covered before, I am throughly confused by Business Catalyst and Creative Cloud and my searches turned up nothing. I want to design a blog in Muse and then host it in Business Catalyst.


      Where I am confused is how the CMS, and blog modules get implemented. I have a subscription to Creative Cloud, but Muse doesn't seem to have the tie-ins for Business Catalyst. Do I design it in Muse, then publishing and then implement to blog module? I am very confused as to how exactly you go about this.


      Thanks for the advice or help!

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          I've been trying for months to figure this out. What is miss leading is the dash board on muse sites do not have the same options as a business catalyst site. There are lots of implications that these two work together but no good direction on how. None of the plugins except for contact form are available in muse. I suspect they will be slowly integrated. I would live to see an easy way to add a news blog muse as well as a shopping cart with one solution provider. It's a big learning curve for designers.

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            Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Muse is you issue. Muse is super limited really and you wont be able to do to much with it and BC.

            You need to look to switch to a proper coding platform and the system itself and built through it.


            Your right, as a graphic designer it is not just thre web, but the front end build, UI design, interactive design and more which is a whole world different from graphic design. Always see the same mistakes from the graphic designers who are bad at web design and think they can