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    Can I copy Brushes, Styles, etc., from Elements to PS CS6?


      Hi again, everyone,


      I was able to install CS6 without any problems. (link to previous thread)  http://forums.adobe.com/message/4692121#4692121 


      The program's Associations did take over my photos, but I was able to change that, except that now the icons are different from what I'm used to.  So I have some new questions for you guys and gals....


      1- Can I change the icons to what they used to be before the installation?  They take a long time to change to allow me to see my pic's icons. 


      2- If so, can you tell me how?


      I have tons and tons of really cool Brushes and Styles in my Elements 7 - I'd really like to be able to copy them over to CS6.


      3- Can the Brushes and Styles be copied over to Photoshop?


      4- If so, can you please show me how I can do that?


      Thanks a bunch!  I really appreciate your kind assistance. 


      Have a great weekend!