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    Best Practices for Removing Shots from BDMV folder

    Petrula Level 1

      CS6 Production Premium Suite


      Canon XA10


      I would appreciate feedback on the best practices for the following situation:


      Using Windows Explorer, I copy the BDMV folder from the XA10 to my Talk2 project folder.


      The BDMV folder has three one hour shots (talks) where each shot is one hour called Talk1, Talk2, and Talk3.


      Each shot consists of several MTS files in the STREAM folder since MTS files have a maximum file size so a new MTS file is created when a given MTS file reaches the maximum file size.


      Since I only want to have Talk2 stuff in my Talk2 project folder, I need to remove the Talk1 and Talk3 stuff from the BDMV folder.


      I delete the Talk1 and Talk3 MTS files from the STREAM folder.

      I delete the Talk1 and Talk3 CPI files from the CLIPINF folder.

      I leave the PLAYLIST folder as is.


      Using the Media Browser, I import Talk2 (which consists of two MTS files).

      I edit the clip.


      This procedure seems to work, but I do not know if there are any "got you" issues.


      Thanks in advance.