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    In need of a App. which can examine .....

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      Hi there,


      I'm in need of creating a Application in Flex AIR (mx) which could examine the text of one (1) textInputBox checking against a hard coded list or Xml list of any of the  previous data, and therefor[B] 'Preventing Duplicate Records' [/B]to be included! I'm talking here of a list with around 1200+ entries at the moment but growing! I only need the App. to check the existing list against the new text line and if it is a duplicated record to show an Alert - No need of text length or any other Validation at all just to examine and verification if or if not.


      Any ideas or help would be appreciated regards aktell2007

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          If you have a list of array with 1200 entries, lets say


          var listData:Array = ['entry1', 'entry2', ....., entry1200];


          and if you have a variable which needs to be examined, lets say:

          var myText:String = 'someEntryValue';


          Then you can examine this value with  the array like this:


          if (listData.indexOf(myText) = = -1)


                trace("myText value is not a duplicate. It's not found in listData!");           



               trace("myText value is a duplicate");