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    removing security settings when exporting

    ECMelton Level 1

      i've created a form in Adobe FormsCentral, then realized I won't be able to customize the fields to achieve what I want in Adobe FormsCentral. Now I'm trying to edit this form in a trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro. I saved the form as a pdf in Adobe FormsCentral, and did not use the  "submission-enabled" option. 


      But when I attempt to edit the form in Acrobat Pro by opening the form, then selecting Forms, Create, & Use current document, I am denied, with a security error that says "You cannot edit this file as a form due to it's security settings."


      I can't find the security settings (or don't understand what I'm seeing) when I select Protection, More Protection... in Acrobat Pro. In fact, all Encrypt options are unavailable.  Document Security is already set to NO SECURITY. Of course, I found no way to remove the security from the doc beforehand in Adobe FormsCentral, either.


      I'd rather not have to save the file as another format, then start from scratch, but I can handle it if I know there's not some trick I am missing.... is this a "mission: impossible" situation?