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    AFX CS6 Render Only (windows)


      I am having trouble in getting the non-royalty bearing mode to work on our farm.

      Instructions say


      Place a blank file named ae_render_only_node.txt into one of the following locations, depending on the user account type:


        Windows locations: 

      • C:\Users\<username>\Documents
      •    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe


      However neither of these locations exist. the closest i can find are


      • C:\Users\<username>\My Documents \Adobe
      • C:\Users\Public\My Documents



      But placing the ae_render_only_node.txt file in these locations, does not work.

      How do i get this render only version to work?

      ~Node spec~

      AFX cs6

      windows 7

      26 GB RAM

      12 core proccessor

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your group policies/ default paths in the registry. They may not be in place/ piped differently because you may never have logged on to the nodes as the render user or limited user privileges in some way.



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            lallennts Level 1

            I have 20 nodes, each one has the same adobe folder infrastructure. Each machine has two loggins local admin and domain admin, both have been logged into.


            Group policies and the registry tell me nothing of which helps my issue.


            My problem is that the adobe instructions do not fit into the windows 7 folder structure.


            I have in the building 40 machines and not one of them, running windows 7, has a folder called "Documents". Its "my Documents", and placing the licence file here does not activate the render only function.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Sounds strange. All it looks for is the user %My Documents% key in the registry and then resolves to whatever that folder is... Could be a bug of some sort, though. What language are you using? Perhaps an odd folder name throws it off...



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                StevRo Level 2


                it could be that network is using a roaming profile. 


                login as local machine administrator (machine_name\administrator) -> ensure the administrator account has a local profile.  This can be found control panel -> system -> advanced -> user profile  (select the local admin account and make sure the local profile is selected).

                double check to make sure the node is running windows 7 is running SP1 (can check computer -> properties)

                go to the cmd prompt (windows icon -> in search box -> cmd.exe)

                at command prompt


                md  %Public%\Documents\Adobe

                notepad  %PUBLIC%\Documents\Adobe\ae_render_only_node.txt -> it will ask if you want to create the file, answer yes, then get save & exit notepad

                download/install trial version of After Effects CS6 -> select try it option during install.

                after AE CS6 is installed, run bridge & select help -> updates (this will get all the fixes for after effects).

                Hope it helps


                edited for roaming profile & profile info.