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    What do I do about choppy video?


      When I used Sony Handycam film videos, Adobe would have to render once it was on the timeline (Premiere Elements 10) and edited, just like normal adobe. But now I have updated to a Canon Rebel t3i, which records in Full 1080p HD. For one thing, it takes forever to comform the video once it gets there, and second, its impossible to edit on my laptop. When I click on the clip and it is pulled up where I can set in and set out, it won't even play right then. So I put it on the timeline and then rendered it. it would still be inconveniently and extremely choppy to where I could not sync the sound from my sound recorder and the video at all. I realize that it is the high-quality of video that causes my software to do this, but what I can do to improve it? I already have the latest Adobe Flash player and I have a Windows 7 64-bit laptop. What can I do to improve my video playback before it is edited AND after it is rendered?