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    Delete keywords input field after web app search form submit

    Studio-RTP Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm working on a website and have a question on a specific page:




      My question is: does anyone know a way to clear the 'Keywords' form input field after one submits the search form? For example, if I type in a word like 'color' into the keyword and hit the search button, I am presented with portfolio pieces that include 'color' in the description. However, 'color' still remains in the keyword form input field, so if I decide that I'd like to select the checkbox for 'grayscale' and search by 'technique' rather than 'keyword', the word color still remains in the input field. Dies anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to clear that form field each time a search is performed?


      Thank you all in advance - you guys and gals are always great!


      I have found an example of a site that has accomplished this found here: http://planmyplay.co.nz/ but I have no idea how they're doing it?