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    Hotspots or Hyperlinks on Graphics

    harooki2 Level 1
      I have a GIF in a popup, captured with SnagIt. It is reduced and, therefore, a bit fuzzy. I want the user to click a spot on the fuzzy popup and jump to another popup that shows that section of the graphic with an explanation of how that section works. The second popup would not be reduced and more readable.

      That's my goal. How can I do that? (I'm working in v7.)
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          WendyCh Level 1
          Hi Harooki2,
          I'm just a beginner and also using v7 but I had a problem with graphic fuzziness too. My graphic was a .bmp and when I double-clicked to change the size in the graphic editor, it became fuzzy in the compiled .chm file. Is this how you changed the size of your graphic?
          So, I restored the graphic size to its original size and then used "Resize" in the RoboHelp toolbox to reduce it. This fixed my fuzziness problem in the output file. Your image map would probably be cleared up if you added it to a "resized" graphic. That's what I did anyway.
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            harooki2 Level 1
            I'm doing all my graphic work in SnagIt (I haven't tried the RH screen capture tool yet). From what I know, the GIF format may be the best for retaining quality when reduced. In any case, I first saved my graphic as a GIF in SnagIt and then reduced it there. If there is a better way to retain quality, I'd like to know about it.

            As far as my question is concerned, I'm using image maps to jump to my closeup view of the sections. I guess I kind of answered my own question. I've been away from RH for awhile and have forgotten how to do a lot of things.
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              MergeThis Level 4
              You're probably better off saving your SnagIt capture to a .snag file, which allows you to layer callouts, etc. to the base capture, and to return to make further edits as needed. Save the results as .gif files whenever you choose.

              SnagIt also has an effect called "Spotlight & Magnify," which you might look into.

              Good luck,