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    FrameMaker 11 crashing daily...

    laurie@cn Level 1

      I have been too busy to send this off to the engineering team yet, but I wondered if I am the only one suffering multiple daily crashes (3-4 everyday for the last week or so.) This is the error I usually get, though I haven't saved them all. This one I was just selecting a text frame and then hit delete. In the text frame was a table with a lot of graphics (see image below), but I don't think it's has much to do with what I am doing at the time, because the crashes happen with different activities. Which seems to indicate a memory leak? I do have FM 11 up and running pretty much 24 x 7. My current project is about a 200 page book with tons of graphics and custom formatting...


      I think FM 11 came out in July. Anyone know if there is a patch coming out soon?



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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee



          Could you share the below info?


          1) Is the Book/Document is being opened from shared /network drive? If yes, can you try to keep it local ( on C: Drive) and then try?

          2) Can you also verify the permissions on these files?

          3) Are these created in a previous version, Is yes, can you upgarde these to FM11, but launching each document individually and then saving all.




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            laurie@cn Level 1

            1. No, the file is on a local drive (C:)

            2. I'm running as administrator and the file permissions are set to all.

            3. These are all new files created natively in FM 11.



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              laurie@cn Level 1

              I've zipped up several of the crash logs and sent them to the address in the message box along with a little more detail.


              Please let me know if there is something else I can do. Note: this is on Windows 7-64 bit on a beast of a machine with 2TB drive and 20G of memory. The program still runs pretty slow, though I have learned not to click anything too fast...



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                laurie@cn Level 1

                Today was a good day. FM11 only crashed once.




                I wondering if there is any update or how I could go about getting some follow up on all the crash files I already sent it. Would it do any good to open a ticket with Support?




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                  Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee



                  Could you tell me a workflow that you try when it ususally crashes?


                  Can you observe and share some information to narrow down tha cause for this like, is it happpeing to a particular documents, or with same procedure or after launching any specific application?




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                    Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Rule of thumb is to contact Support if you can recreate the crash each time; even better with a sample that you can send to them describing how to make the wheels fall off.

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                      Art_Campbell Level 3

                      What are you system details?

                      OS, amount of RAM, disk space, files local or networked, etc.




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                        laurie@cn Level 1

                        The best way to re-create it is run the program for more than 3 hrs with a book that has folders about 50 files and a ton of graphics (The folder containing the book, files and images is 560 MB). That is the closest I have gotten to getting it to crash with any kind of repeatability. My other clien'ts book rarely crashes, but then again I am never in it for more than 3 hours. Other than that, it never crashes the same way. Today it crashed once when I saved a new user variable and once when I tried to print.  But then again, printing is an *almost* sure bet for getting it to crash.  I avoid it. I seriously can't imagine that it can't be duplicated if there is *any* kind of stress testing going on by the Test team.

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                          laurie@cn Level 1

                          As I already posted in this thread...


                          Windows 7 64 bit

                          20G of RAM

                          2 TB drive with more than a TB free.

                          Files local.

                          New FM 11 installation.

                          All files new, nothing upgraded from old versions.

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                            I am also crashing daily. I have:

                            Windows 7 64-bit

                            16 GB RAM

                            465 GB, 3XXGB  of it is still free

                            Files are on the network (required)


                            Installed FM 11 in 6/2013


                            Document has 150 pages; Illustrations are minimal

                            Document has about 50 files, most are one or two pages long.

                            Files originated in an earlier verison of Framemaker

                            I suspect that it has something to do with Track Text Editing, which I have given up on, and turned off.

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                              Tech Comm Tools Adobe Community Professional

                              If a mifwash doesn't help, then import the file into a new (non-crashing) file. If still crashing, start splitting the file up to determine the content (likely graphics) causing the problem.




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                                Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                                How are the files on the network drive being addressed, using UNC naming (\\server\share\path\file) or via a networked mapped drive? If you're using UNC, try changing to a mapped drive. FM doesn't play nice on some networks.

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                                  Hi Laurie,


                                  I can promise you, that you`re not alone with your problem. I`m working in a company with 14 workplaces equipped with brandnew FM 11 and we all have a problem with FM crashes.


                                  But in most of all our cases we`ve trouble while opening a MIF - file usually created with older FM - versions (But with FM11 files also). To be honest, these old MIF-files (FM7 / FM8) has a lot referencies and linked *.eps - files in it, which are usually stored on mapped drives within the LAN. In fact you try to open such a file, but while the opening prozess FM11 crashes. You can try this procedure 1 hour without success, but at the next day you try once...... and everything has been loaded whitout any problems. or... another one has absolutely no problem opening your problem file with the same FM-version. This behavior makes it very difficult to analyze of course


                                  At the moment I try to analyze the LOGs, but I believe we need a contact Adobe itself.


                                  further infos due to this problem would be helpfull




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                                    Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                                    A quick test to see if it is a network issue or something within the MIF files could be to temporarily de-assign the mapped network drive, i.e. so FM can't find it, and then tell FM to ignore all missing files when it complains about the missing EPS files.


                                    If the MIFs open up without crashing, then it would be seem to point the finger towards the network. It may also be something like overtly aggressive anti-virus software grabbing the networked graphic files from FM and not playing nice with the intervening hand-offs.