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      tried to uninstall a 30 day trial of fireworks and went into uninstall and it wouldn't do anythng..i finally went into the program files and just deleted the files...it totally messed my computer..it wouldn't start windows, it totally took out my virus program....disconnected my wireless and it won't reconnect...i am so upset...all over a free 30 day trial..i did get windows started but i am now on an old laptop i have and still upset...now when windows starts it takes 15 minutes from turn on time to the windows screen.....now what do i do?
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            When a program is installed, the installer writes information to the Windows Registry, a database of information including where to find files for startup programs, what settings you had when you last launched a program, and many other things. A working uninstaller will remove these entries as well as program files. When you deleted the program files from your computer, you did not completely uninstall the program, as you did not remove the Registry data. You did, however, break the references between the Registry entries for Fireworks and the files Windows expects to find on your hard drive.


            Windows reads the Registry at startup, loading programs and other data. If there are broken references, Windows may not start up properly. It sounds like that's what's happening.


            At this point, I suggest you get some solid, hands-on technical support, as you need to modify your Registry to remove the now-broken data references. You should only work with the Registry if you know what you're doing.

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Install the trial again, then uninstall it properly, via the Add and Remove option in Control Panel.


              I also seriously doubt trashing just Fw, improperly, will affect your wireless, virus application etc. As pixlor mentions orpaned files and registry entries will be left behind, but it should not affect other operations, except for mere bloatness.


              If you don't want to attempt a re-install/uninstall, you can attempt a restore point to a 'good' day. A good registry cleaner may also help, but Id' recommend the re-install/uninstall route.



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                Thank you for your advice, but it doesn't work.


                When I try to uninstall from Control Panel, Windows starts the Setup.exe from Adobe and I get the screen I attached in the first message. I get the same messagge, when a try to make fresh install of Flash CS4, so I am blocked: I can't do install and I can't do uninstall.


                Also I tried to repair registry with RegCure, but no results.The way I see, the only thing left is to install Windows again.

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                  Nadia-P Level 5

                  See if this technote  and the uninstall script may help.









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