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    12MP resolution issue


      According to Adobe version 1.3 can handle photos of up to 12 MP resolution and yet when I go into the app settings the highest resolution available shows as 10 MP. Why is this? I'm running the app on an iPad 2. This means that I cannot import photos straight from my camera, I have to import them to my laptop, mess about resizing them and then to the iPad.


      I love Photoshop desktop, but as my current laptop runs on linux it's not an option for me. I was delighted when they upgraded the app to 1.3 with the higher resolution as this was the reason I hadn't bought it before. I need the images created with the app to be as high a resolution as possible due to the way I want to print and display them.


      I now feel that I have wasted my money as the app is not as advertised.