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    Kona 3 running on Win7 (PP CS6.02) sometimes audio from analog out of breakout box, sometimes not

    lasvideo Level 4

      I am using a Kona 3 with break out box running the most recent drivers.  It is on an HP Z820 PC running Win 7 SP1. I take the 2 analog audio outs of the BO box and feed it to a speaker preamp. I have used this approach over the years with FCP and now PP. It recently (CS6.0) has become unreliable.  The meters in PP indicate a signal. I can take the PC audio out and feed it to the preamp and the audio is great. Sometimes if I reboot the system the audio from the Kona 3 BO box returns, sometimes it doesnt.

      I will be calling AJA to pursue this problem.