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    book design layout question re: chapter names

    r_tist Level 1

      If I am laying out a book, should I make all of the chapter names in their own individual text boxes, and then paste them into the auto-flowing main text frame where all the body copy lies? The type treatment for the chapters will be a different style and may include a small graphical icon with it. Is that the best / industry standard for going about it?


      Looking to set this up the right way. Thank you for your input.

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          I'm not sure I fully understand your question. You have a book. Is it one InDesign document, or several strung together using InDesigns Book feature? Does the body text flow through one chain of text frames, or is it broken into several?


          If you want the chapter title to appear on the first page of each new chapter, you can place it within the flow of the body text if you like, but what do you hope to gain or avoid by anchoring a text frame containg only a chapter title into the flow of the body text that you can't accomplish by just having the title as normal text? You would probably want the title to appear in a different paragraph style than the body type, and you can anchor a graphic into the text with the title, but I'm not seeing the advantage of anchoring the title in it's own frame, unless you want the frame to have a particular appearance that you can't do to normal type.


          If you make each chapter as it's own document, you can have the title as a free-standing text frame, or have it flow within the body text without any particular advantage either way. If you want one document that flows through one text thread, having the chapter titles flow with the body will offer some design flexibility, should your page counts change. You may want to consider using the Start Paragraph section of the Keep Options on the chapter title's paragraph style to start new chapters on the next available text frame (if you don't want blank pages), the next page (if you're not using more than one column-per-page), or the next odd or even page (depending on your preference). That way, you won't have to manually move your chapter titles to the top of a page—the paragraph style will take care of that for you.