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    LCK Files!

    Joe Wood Level 1
      Hi folks!

      I'm still using version 3 something. I've been having the same issue with lck files preventing me from publishing anything unless I go in and find then delete the lck files. The files are put on every page, and every image. I've been fighting with this for three years now! can't get any Support because I have an older version. I did try a Trial for the newer version but had the same lck issues with it also.

      I've been trying to figure out Why this is happening, and now I think it's because of my Administrator or Connection Settings.

      The first 4 screenshots are of my connection settings. You'll see in # 3 and 4 that it looks like I'm the Writer as well as Administrator, but the Writer can't publish it says. maybe this is the problem?

      the last SShot shows my Administrator Websites.

      Really hope someone has some good advice for me! (fingers crossed)





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          ThinkInk Level 2
          When you can adminster the website, why don't you publish as the administrator, not as a writer?
          Try deleting your connection and recreate the connection and let Contribute detect the settings.
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            Joe Wood Level 1
            Oh I do publish as the Administrator, I had just highlighted the Writer in that one screenshot by accident. Just after I posted my message here I tried to publish a page and couldn't and went back and selected the Administrator again.

            Delete the Connection? Hhmm, I'm afraid I might not be able to re-establish it again as someone helped me set it up maybe 4 years ago. I just looked thru the Help and couldn't find anything about creating a Connection. Is this information anywhere you could point me to?

            By the way, when I click on Administrator I get this popup
            http://tinyurl.com/yrvpep saying my version is too old. Will that prevent me setting up a new Connection??

            No one knowledgeable has ever answered my questions on this forum .Really appreciate you assistance on this!
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              ThinkInk Level 2
              I read your first post again more thouroughly, because of the error message. You say you tried a newer version of Contribute, probably CS3. This last error message is the consequence of that trial. This is a very wicked thing from Adobe and I hope it's not on purpose. Because you administered the website in CS3, you wont be able to administer the website in C3 again...

              Creating a new connection is not that difficult. Most of the times you just need a straightforward ftp-connection and then you just need the FTP settings from your ISP, like ftp-adres (something like ftp.yourdomain.com), a username and a password. If you don't have these anymore, just contact your ISP.

              Getting rid of the whole administration might be more of a problem for you. If you could manage to download a program like Filezilla (a free ftp-client: http://filezilla-project.org/) you could create a connection and remove the administration files from the server (foldername: _mm/). Besides that you need to uninstall Contribute and re-install and create a new connection we talked about.

              If this is growing over your head, I can also help bij assisting you with removing the files, but I would need your ftp-data to connect. If you want that you will have to send these in seperate emails (one with the username and ftp-connection-address and one with the password) to info@digital-ink.nl or maybe sent me a private message in this forum, which I will delete after copying the connection-data.
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                Joe Wood Level 1
                Thanks so much for that offer to help me out here! Look, I'm pretty busy all this week to do anything about this. Give me some time and I'll get back with you. This lck file problem has been the biggest pain during the whole time I've used Contribute, almost 4 years now, and I'm looking foreword to getting it resolved!
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                  I'm having the same problem, LCK files are replicating in several folders. They are not even related to the current site being edited. It locks up the Contribute 4, user can't publish and/or sent drafts for review. I've tried deleting all the LCK files on the server and on the local drive. No improvement. Has anyone got a solution? Thanks.
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                    Joe Wood Level 1
                    Nope! you're out of luck, just like the rest of us ..

                    adobe/contribute support stinks. I've been trying to find an answer for 3 years!

                    Only way I can publish is real quickly go into my public html folders and get all those lck files. I usually have to go in 2 or three times before I'm able to get em all.

                    adobe, why don't you chime in here with some answers, a fix .. anything.
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                      contributeadmin Level 1
                      That doesn't sound good. Do you have to pay for getting support from Adobe (I have never called in for support so I don't know what the protocol for resolving Adobe issues).
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                        contributeadmin Level 1
                        I called Adobe Technical Support they were very helpful (after they found my customer record). They didn't necessarily give me a directly resolution but provided a big clue on how to fix my particular problem. In my case, there were links in the web page that were absolute path/file references. I changed those links to be relative or URL links and I was able to publish the web page without a problem. If Alvin @ TS is reading this, thanks a ton!