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    Indesign CS6 and relinking




      On a Mac (I haven't tried this on my PC)I have noticed a diference between CS5.5 and CS6 in regards to relinking files.


      In CS5, when I would relink a file (or find a missing link), if the file with the same name of the file I was relinking was in the current folder I was in, the file would highlight - thus indicating the file is there and easily able to relink.


      In CS6, however, the magic highlighting is gone. If you need to relink a file, and you search a large picture directory it can take awhile to find your file name and sometimes your file name is forgotten already when you press relink, even more at the top of the dialog box of your relink, the whole file name is not even shown. There is ellipsis and several of the characters and often I have files with similar names and it is hard to tell the difference.


      I hope I am express the problem clearly.


      And, I am hoping there is some help I can get on this!


      Thanks, as always!