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    Does Premiere Pro CS6 have the equivalent of the "append edit" on FCPX?

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      As the topic states, I've recently migrated out of FCP7 to CS6/FCPX...still can't figure out which I like best (FCPX for multicam and CS6 for the rest I guess) ...but one simple little thing that FCPX does have is this shortcut "E" which makes what they call an append edit. Basically, REGARDLESS of where the cursor is, when you have a clip selected in the project panel or browser you just hit this one key and its immediately placed at the end of the timeline. Again, no matter where your cursor is...the clip is tossed at the end of the last clip in the timeline. I found this to be suprisingly helpful and such a small feature at that. Yes, I could put the cursor at the end of the timeline and do an insert edit, or I could simply drag and drop, but is there a way to do what the shortcut "e" does in FCPX, in CS6???


      Thank you!