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    Can we copy Flex modelLocator to JavaScript?


      I have a application developed in both Flex and HTML, JavaScript .. Somescreens will communicate to Javascript and vice versa. I need to transfer the whole Flex ModelLocator object to Javascript. Is it possible.?


      I know using ExternalInterface or NatigateToUrl we can implement this. But I want to know like copying modelLocator from Flex to JavaScript is possible and good way?


      Tell you with example:


      I have a 1st page in Flex, 2nd page in HTML,Javascript and 3rd page is again in Flex.


      I need to copy the model variables from Page1 to 2 (flex to Javascript) and If the user do any changes that will be added to the same model variable object then I will navigate to page 3 (javascript to Flex).


      another question is: Can we convert our Flex Model into JavaScript Object? Is there any other way to do transfer the model object like this?