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    Help for Newbie - tracking head to body in video & error on tracking help page

    thejimmywalter Level 1

      First, this page

      http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/after-effects/using/tracking-stabilizing-motion-cs5 .html

      Has a link to Sean Kennedy  provides a set of detailed tutorials on the SimplyCG website that demonstrate advanced motion tracking techniques


      But none of the links below that work.

      I am more than willing to use a tutorial, but have not found a good one for newbies.


      I created a tracker for a head on a body and sucessfully got it to work, but I was very unhappy with the placement locations - probably an error in my execution of the task.

      Trying to correct the placement, I went through the composition one frame at a time and moved the little x to where I wanted the head. That worked great - got it just where I wanted it.


      However, the tracker had put in a lot of points where the head was basically motionless. The result was the head vibrated in place.

      So I tried eliminating the tracking points. Did not help. I eliminated the tracker alltogether. Still have the vibrating motion.


      How do I eliminate the last 5 or so movements in place?


      What should I have done to make the tracker more closely track the head without all those points to begin with?


      Thanks for your reading this and any help, including pointing me to a tutorial.


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Removing the trackers from the shot won't remove the motion you've already applied. When you apply the motion track, it adds keyframes to whatever layer you've told to be the target. If you want to adjust that motion, you will either need to adjust the tracker and reapply or adjust the keyframes themselves. An easy way to remove that jitter to which you refer might be to apply the smoother to your keyframes.


          Also, for this kind of tracking you might also look into using Mocha. Even if you end up using AE's point tracker, a lot of the tutorials on that page are useful and I know that some of the links work. For the ones that don't, you might want to mention it so that it can be fixed.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Read up on how to use "smoothing." by ways of the .smooth() expression or similar stuff using scripts (KeyTweak et al). Without seeing your footage it's impossible to advise on anything else. The jitter could be perfectly "normal", meaning be causerd by compression artifacts that cause pixel values to jump around and may be perceived as a tracking pattern. and of course consider doing such stuff in mocha which has a much better tracker to begin with and options to edit the resulting track.