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    importing links to slides within powerpoint presentation



      I have a 70 slider powerpoint file which have links within the presentation. Like there is a home button on every slide, which when clicked in slideshow view takes the user to the introduction slide..

      Also there are around 20 controls each of which is linked to its description slide and the descripti0on sldie also has a back linking to go back to the slide which mentions the control.


      Is there any way to do such linking while importing the powerpoint to captivate?


      Also, is there any way when i can link an object (picture) to some slide.

      I mean when i paste individual object to captivate from some external source, it gets pasted as a picture.

      So, if i want to link that picture to some slide, would that be possiblle?

      I tried using smart objects in captivate which solves this probblem but, i didnt have any luck with linking a picture. But due to limited shapes available in smart objects, im not able to show the meaning of that object properly to a user.


      Please help! Urgent!