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    Converting imported bookmarks from placed Word file in InDesign.

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      Hi there,

      I did take a look in the forums for a similar issue, but drew blanks so I was wondering if anyone might have a cunning solution for my problem.


      I've got a Word document from a client which contains hundreds of bookmarked hyperlinks (in the style of one of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books). i.e each section has its own bookmarked header, from 1 to 300 and at the end of each section there are two or three hyperlinked text options for the reader to navigate to different sections of the story.


      I've placed this Word file in InDesign CS6 (Mac) in order to tidy up and reformat for eventual eBook publishing, but although the section bookmarks travel fine into InDesign (and are visible in the Bookmarks panel), the hyperlinked text at the end of each section doesn't get converted into active, linked buttons.


      Going into the story editor reveals that these section links are being treated as hyperlinks, as they have the blue link arrows around the chosen page numbers, as does looking at the idml file in a text editor, where the links show up as structured like the following (in this example a text link to the bookmark before section 177) :


      <HyperlinkTextSource Self="u6bb" Name="Source" Hidden="false" AppliedCharacterStyle="n"><Content>171</Content></HyperlinkTextSource>


      However, these hyperlinks don't show up in the Hyperlink panel of InDesign and, as far as I can see, are inactive.


      Is there any way of getting InDesign to perhaps list these links in the Hyperlinks panel so that I can go through and relink them, or is there a way to change them with a batch script to become active and point to their respective Bookmark/Text Anchor as they did in Word? (The bookmarks are titled with the number of the section they link to)


      I'm guessing that they've somehow become divorced from their Bookmarks in the translation process between Word and InDesign...


      Hope this makes some sense!





      EDIT: Couldn't find an answer, but have managed a work-around by reimporting the Word document with hyperlinks removed, and then adding them once in InDesign with GREP find and replace. Looked for series of 1, 2 and 3 digits after the words "Turn to page "(!), styled the numbers in a new style called 'Link' and then created text anchors at the top of each section using a similar GREP method (but finding digits after a Page Break) and styling them with Character style 'Anchor'.


      I then used two javascripts - forum member Kasyan Servetsky's excellent 'Create Text Anchors 1.0.jsx' and 'Add Hyperlinks with Text Anchors 2.jsx' which he kindly posted for another user. In conjunction, they both seem to have done the trick. If you happen to read this Kasyan - cheers!


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