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    Doing without the Organiser?

    sheltiefriend Level 1

      Hi Elements fans,


      I'm pretty familiar with Premiere Elements 3 and early Photoshop, but have just started using version 10 of Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements, and so far have found the Organiser confusing and wonder if it is necessary to use it at all.


      If you keep your media files well organized in folders and sub-folders on your hard drive and set preferences for scratch discs, cache, preview folders, etc, why would you use Organiser?


      Can one easily avoid using it?


      Are the entries in Organiser links rather than duplicate files?


      If you find a still or video file in the Organiser, can you follow it into Premiere Elements or Photoshop; ie, find an existing project using that file, rather than opening a new project as is the default process when clicking to "fix"?


      Regards, Phil

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Any project you create in Premiere Elements automatically creates an Album in the Organizer. You can find the media files in any Premiere Elements project in this Album.


          But you certainly don't have the use the Organizer at all if you don't want. I know photographers who love it because they take thousands of photos and need a way to search and locate them. I also know video editors that never open it at all.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            In about 5 years, I have never used Organizer, other than to clean it out a few times, for Projects that have been completed.


            I do as you do, and organize my Assets on my system. Also, for each Project, I create a folder structure under the Project's root folder, and for Assets, Copy any stock files to the appropriate sub-folder, say to Audio, Video, or Still Images. Then, when the Project has been completed, I can just Delete that Project's folder, and all the sub-folder are Deleted with it.


            Other than to answer questions on this forum, Organizer gets launched about twice per year.


            For my cataloging, I use either ThumbsPlus, or Adobe Bridge from my Production Studio.


            You should be just fine, and I am comforted to see that I am not the only person, who's not too keen on Organizer.


            Good luck,



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              sheltiefriend Level 1

              Hi Steve, I can see how the Organizer might be really helpful for some people, glad you don't have to get caught up there..

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                sheltiefriend Level 1

                Hi Bill, yes, it is good to find someone that prefers to organize media in other ways, like me. Funny, I cleaned it out the other day, too, because it seemed to be accumulating stuff on the hard drive without any direction from me.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  It does sort of collect "stuff," but I have never noticed any issue. I let everything go, until I "get around to it," then delete the links to files, that are no longer available. I tend to clean out the Assets, with the Projects, so Organizer shows me broken-link files.


                  As I use PrPro more often, along with PS, so Bridge is more natural to me. To do heavy organizational work, I like ThumbsPlus, but see that I am now two versions behind. Need to update.


                  Good luck, and if you are like I am, you will not miss Organizer.