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    Nikon D600 Raw File compatibility


      When will LR4 be compatible with the new Nikon D600 raw files? I have LR4 now with CR 7.1 and it cannot read D600 raw files.

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          ssprengel ACP/MVP

          No one can tell you the answer.


          If Adobe already has a D600, somehow from Nikon, prior to everyone else getting one, then they may have time to get it profiled and into the ACR 7.2 release when it comes out, presumably shortly; otherwise, it’ll likely be ACR 7.3 whenever that one is available in beta or released.  ACR comes out about every 13 weeks, so think December if not in the next few weeks.

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            DdeGannes ACP/MVP

            Adobe updates ACR/LR for new model cameras approximately every three months. LR 7.2 is due around now and is presently in "release candidate" version (which expires Oct 31st)


            No support is there as yet, will it make the 7.2 final release? maybe. I think Nikon and Canon high end models have the best chance over others.

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              mammoth2 Community Member

              Thanks Everyone for the quick reply!

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                I also have a new D600 and like you guys I am frustrated for not being able to use the native raw files from the camera directly into Lightroom. 

                I have found a workaround that works very well.      Use the ViewNX 2 software that is supplied with the camera to convert the D600 raw files into TIFF 16bit files then load those TIFF's directly into Lightroom for adjustments as necessary.

                This has worked fine for me and is probably the best that we D600 owners can do before Adobe issue a new ACR update.

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                  Brett N Adobe Employee

                  Lightroom 4.2 has been released, which provides support for the Nikon D600. In Lightroom, go to Help > Check for Updates to download.

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                    Michael Garnett

                    I'm suffering here...how do I change them into TIFF images?? 

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                      Clubfoto Community Member

                      Michael suffer no longer !

                      Open up ViewNX2 that was supplied with your Nikon D600.   On the left hand side of the ViewNX2 window, you should see a list of all your computers folders.  Locate the folder that is storing all of your Nikon D600 NEF files.    Open that folder.   You should now have all of the D600's NEF files displayed,  left click on any image and the image will now be surrounded with a grey border.     At the top of the screen you will see 'File',  left click on the word 'File' and a drop down menu appears, move your mouse pointer down to 'Convert Files', now left click on 'Convert Files'.    Another winow will open, to ensure maximum detail ensure that File Format has TIFF(16 Bit) selected, in the 'Save in' area specify an area i.e Desktop or a specific folder to save the converted file in.   Finally, click on 'Convert' at the bottom of the window.  That file is now converted.

                      You now need to locate the converted NEF file, now saved as a TIFF, open it in Lightroom and there it is.

                      In order to speed up your workflow, you can select multiple files to convert rather than converting each one separately  like I suggested above.

                      Good luck !

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                        Jao vdL ACP/MVP

                        Michael and Club,


                        reread Brett's post above. LR 4.2 natively supports D600 raw files. I have been happily using it for quite a while now with my D600 files. No need to convert to tiff. The color rendering using the beta profile that is built into LR 4.2 is quite close to the standard style rendering of jpegs from camera.

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                          Clubfoto Community Member

                          Jao vdL I do not need to re-read Brett's post.   Michael Garnett asked how to convert his D600 NEF files to TIFF images, and I helped him with that.

                          However, Lightroom 4.2 is still not the complete answer to native D600 NEF files, please read:-


                          http://www.thephoblographer.com/2012/10/03/lightroom-4-2-is-out-now-with-preliminary-suppo rt-for-the-nikon-d600/


                          Lightroom 4.2 has only preliminary support at the moment and the statement marked with an asterisk i.e :-


                          * Please note that the support for Nikon D600 is preliminary and there is a minor risk that the appearance of your images may change when the final support for Nikon D600 is available in an upcoming release.


                          Nikon D600 owners are still waiting for the final release from Adobe for full and complete D600 NEF file support.

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                            Michael Garnett Community Member

                            Haven't been back on here to update..sorry..for some reason it still won't let me change them to TIFFS in NX2...when I click and then try to convert it says it's unable to change RAW/NEF files...I'm stumped...

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                              I have updated from 4.0 to 4.2 but this version doesn't work ... like the previous one. I recieve instead of the normel preview : preview not possible for that fiel (free trannslation from : aperçu non disponible pour ce fichier)

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                                ssprengel ACP/MVP

                                It may be that your files are corrupted, then, especially if ViewNX can’t touch them.  Are you using the most up-to-date version of ViewNX?  And to help confirm what the issue is, can you upload an NEF that you don’t mind others seeing to www.dropbox.com (create an account if need be) and post the public download link, here? 


                                The LR 4.3 “release candidate” (public beta) at Adobe Labs also more fully supports the D600, although LR 4.2 supports it enough to not have the issue you’ve been seeing, so it’s likely something else.




                                Since the previews aren’t working, you could try deleting your preview folder to clear up any corruption, there,  The previews folder has the same base foldername as your catalogs base filename, but the previews folder ends in .lrdata.  Just don’t delete your catalog which ends with .lrcat (if you’re on Windows, at least).


                                Do other camera raw files work if they’re not from the D600, or could it be something to do with your path to the files, themselves, containing a character that LR doesn’t know how to interpret?

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                                  MHZ007 Community Member

                                  Thanks for your answer.

                                  The problem is now partially solved. I ve upgraded the software nikon

                                  transfer and I can view the files in lightroom 4.2 but very I have as

                                  messages error in rhe treatment (developpment) or undefinied problem. This

                                  is not exactly the messages but close to this

                                  Any suggestion?


                                  Michel Huppertz

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                                    Jao vdL ACP/MVP

                                    You need to get rid of nikon transfer. Some versions are known to corrupt

                                    D600 and d800 files. You don't need it anyway.


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                                      ssprengel ACP/MVP

                                      Can you attach a screen capture of the error you’re receiving, now?