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    HDV audio/video sync issues

    jdmack01 Level 1

      There has been a little bit of discussion in this forum about problems with audio/video sync on footage captued from HDV tapes.  But I want to revisit it and see if anyone has any further insights.


      I have a set of 5 HDV tapes that I am trying to ingest into Premiere CS5.5 for Windows 7.  I am using the client's HVR-ZU1 camcorder as my playback deck.  I have tried to capture the footage two ways.  I have used firewire from the camcorder to my computer and used Premiere's HDV capture setting (which created a .mpeg file).  I have also tried a program called HDV Split, which was recommended elsewhere on this forum, which also uses firewire thougb it creates a .m2t file.


      If I bring the two versions of the same clip into a Premiere sequence, I expreience the same thing - the slow loss of sync between the audio and video over time.  This is not merely observed during playback, but the problem is carried along during encoding to any file I output.  If I line up the 2 versions of the file on the timeline, I can measure that the audio and video lose sync in exactly the same way.


      However, if I play either file in the VLC media player (on the same computer as Premiere), both play perfectly with no audio sync issue at all.


      Is this a known issue with Premiere and is there a solution?


      J. D.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          It certainly used to be. I have been away a while, so I don't know about how it works now. The answer used to be, capture shorter clips and stich them together on a sequence. Perhaps it still is. It has something to do with the long GOP if I recall correctly.


          I used to capture using Cinefom and didn't have the problem. I probably will have to upgrade to their current product to be able to continue to capture that way if I ever start using my HDV camera again.

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            jdmack01 Level 1

            OK, I found the answer to this problem.  The tapes have drop-outs.  Why the sound is in sync in VLC and not Premiere, I don't know, but I was able to do a workaround once I knew where the drop outs were.