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    just me?: issue with creating a second state containing roll-over buttons

    rockscientist02 Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I have bee experiencing a strange issue. I would like to create a second state from a page that contains roll-over buttons.

      In that second state, the roll-over button always display their (second) "over"-state and not as I expected their (first and initial) "up"-state.

      This issue is persistent throughout any fw document, just repeat these steps here:


      1) open new document

      2) from common library, select any button and place on canvas

      3) got to "states" panel and select "duplicate"

      4) on second state, button will display "over"-state, not initial "up"-state.


      Now is it just me, or do you have the same "bug" [assuming, its a bug, not a feature (; ] ?