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    How to deal with CSSs that conflict/clash with CQ's CSSs?


      Hi there,


      I am working on building a website in CQ that uses free styles from www.99lime.com.  This is a requirement of the client, not my personal choice.


      The problem is that the kickstart styles are conflicting/clashing with CQ, such that when I open a page in the Content Finder, the Sidekick - Components tab is empty; if I go into Design mode to ensure components are selected, the Component lists don't display; I see the component groups (general, etc) but then a bunch of lines.  When I comment out the kickstart.css, the Sidekick displays correctly so that's how I know the kickstart styles are the issue.


      How do I resolve these conflicts without having to rename every element in the kickstart css's?


      Thanks in advance.


      New CQ User.