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    Premiere pro: multiple audio tracks in a single take. (Workflow for audio mixing outside premiere)


      Hi I am an editor from Finland.


      I need to sync multiple audio tracks (like 2 stereo and 4 mono) to different takes before i start to edit. You see, after the editing I will create an OMF file for the sound editor who needs all the audio tracks to work with. I have noticed however by just nesting (puttin video and audio clips in a single sequence) the resulting sequence placed on in the main sequence is flattened into stereo (not multichannel). You see my problem here? I am surprised, because i have always taught that this is a very normal workflow and so far i haven't found a single tutorial or a guide for this problem.


      Just to make sure we're on the same page: I know how to sync video and audio, just not so that the 6different audio tracks in all my 120 different takes that i edit into a single sequence will have the 6different audio tracks in the audio post production (which is done in protools, maybe...)


      Oh yeah, Premiere Pro CS5