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    How to rotate a mask in 3D space when copied in property value of another layer.

    kangana parker

      Hi all,


      I was trying to move an image in 3D space along a path. So I created a solid layer and created a mask( ellipse shape) and then rotated the solid layer( which rotated the mask along the x axis)..Job done


      Now on another layer when I copy the mask path ( in the position properties) it does copies it but then I loose the rotation done in the solid layer. The image does moves on the mask hwever. But I need to move it on the mask shape that I have rotated. Why does the mask looses the x rotation property of the solid layer where it was created?? How can I fix it??


      Please suggest ways about how can I achieve my objective OR any other suggestions. I was follwing some tutorial on the web to get this task done.


      Many thanks



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I usually start with a 3D null, duplicate the null, then add a mask to one of the nulls. I copy the mask, set a position keyframe, then paste to convert the mask to a motion path. Now parent the null with the path to the other null and rotate the parent 90º in X. Adjust the positon, then delete the parent. This will leave the path in XZ space.


          EZ as pie. The hardest part of this trick is to create a path that's long enough to cover the range of motion that you want. I usually view the comp at 6.5% when I'm drawing the path. In effect, this will give you a top view of the motion path in relation to the comp size after you rotate the path. It makes it easier to plan a camera move.

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