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    Loss of formatting when pasting RH9 text into Word 10


      Hey folks. Pretty new to RoboHelp. I am using version 9 HTML. Here's the problem I'm encountering:


      The SMEs at work like to have RH topics pasted into Word for easy editing. For another project that also uses RH9 HTML, I simply click View Selected Item (Eyeglasses icon) option in RH, then Ctrl+A the text in the View Selected Item dialog box.  When I paste it into Word, it pastes properly, with all formatting and screenshots. I guess you could call this "exporting" the text.


      But with the project I'm currently working on, even though it's RH9 HTML and Word 2010, pasting the text from View Selected Item dialog box results in a loss of all formatting (font color, size, numbered lists, indentations, etc.) and blank boxes where the screenshots should be. I have tried all the different Paste options in Word.


      I am guessing there's something different about the style/formatting settings between the RH topics in each of these projects, which explains why one pastes properly and one does not. I need to diagnose what the issue is and fix it. I sure could use some assistance!  Sadly, I cannot post any work due to confidentiality, otherwise I would.


      Could folks offer feedback? Maybe there are common causes for this problem? Each project's help topics are built from a Master Page template, though the template name and settings differ between the two projects.



      PS- I did a search for this topic but didn't find anything that is this same problem.


      Many thanks.