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    Setting page size using javascript

    creditunion123 Level 1

      I have two questions really


      First - how to set a page size to automatically choose to print on 8.5 x 14 paper using javascript


      The rest of my code works - prints multiple, 3 to a page but I am not sure how to set the page size.  I have looked in the Adobe SDK and the API reference but I find information on that section lacking


      Here is my code as is


      var fv = pp.constants.flagValues;

      pp = this.getPrintParams();

      pp.pageHandling = pp.constants.handling.nUp;

      pp.nUpPageOrders = pp.constants.nUpPageOrders.Horizontal;

      pp.nUpNumPagesH = 1;

      pp.nUpNumPagesV = 3;

      pp.interactive = pp.constants.interactionLevel.automatic;

      pp.flags |=fv.setPageSize



      Works great except for the paper size


      My Second question is this - this code works well using a print button, but if I go File - Print it brings up the print dialogue box for staff to choose settings