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    Using Dell Latitude D630 with Intel 965 Express Chipset with Adobe CS6 Photoshop 3D features




      Here is my configuration:

      - I am using Windows 7, 4-bit OS

      - Dell Latitude D630, which comes with Intel Mobile 965 Express Chipset and Accelleration Drivers.

      - If I press CTRL-ALT-F12, I can see the Intel Graphics Media Acccelerator Driver GUI.  There are 3D settings

      configuration, which are labelled with OpenGL, and a bunch of values that can flipped on and off.  So, I have some

      warm fuzzy that OpenGL is enabled on my systme.

      - When I look at the details of the driver, it says 9/23/2009, driver version  If I attempt to update

      driver,  and select search automatically, "Windows determined the driver software for your device is up to date".

      So, this gives me some warm fuzzy that I'm on the latest driver.


      When I open up PhotoShop CS6, and click on Edit->Preferences->Performance, Detected Graphics processor

      is grayed out and I am told that I need to upgrade either my driver or my card.  Well, I'm on a laptop so that might
      be an issue.


      My driver seems to support OpenGL, so is there some configuration thing I can do to get Photoshop to recognize my

      video accelerator to make this work?   Or am I out of luck with using 3D and accelerated features with this laptop?