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    Indesign file path name in the links pallet includes the root volume


      Hi Everyone, I'm having a problem with Indesign 7.5.3. When I create an Indesign document on my Mac and link images to it from server a volume, save the document to a different server volume and then open it on another Mac I find that the links to the images are broken. This only happens on one of my Macs. The other machines save and open with links with intact. I’ve noticed on the problem Mac that the file path names in the links pallet include the root volume (Macintosh HD) for each unlinked image.


      It reads like this:


      Macintosh HD: Volumes: Big Disk: Job Folder.


      It should read like this


      Volumes : Big Disk: Job Folder.


      All Macs are connecting to the server in the same way and all are configured the same running the latest OS updates and Indesign (CS 5.5) updates. Any ideas as to why Indesign would include the root volume in the file path? I believe that is what is causing the links to break. Any help would be greatly appreciated.