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    mozilla linux vs mozilla mac os x

      I've noticed a difference between the results my flex application between the flash player on linux and on mac osx. I am processing an xml file and creating a CDATA element, I then print it out to check it before I send it to a php script to save it out

      I use this to add the CDATA element:

      var tmpStr:XML = new XML("\<![CDATA[" + notes.text + "]]\>");
      xmlFile.notes.tag = tmpStr;

      which outputs what I expect:

      <notes><![CDATA[mary had a little lamb]]></notes>

      however on the linux browser I get:

      <notes><tag>mary had a little lamb</tag></notes>

      the player version on mac is 9,0,115,0 and the player on the linux is 9,0,48,0, I'd love to sync up the two versions but unfortunately the linux version is controlled by my company's IT dept. However, I can't believe the minor version difference is this off, am I missing something here or is there a better way to add a CDATA element to an xml file?


      be well,