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    CS5.5 check-in for an assignment is greyed out.


      CS5.5 trying to check in an assignment, but the check-in option is greyed out. It (the checkout) happened all of a sudden and inadvertently. Any tips on how to deal with this?

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          Kalajda Level 1

          Can you be more descriptive? (PC/MAC ?) Does it happen after loading Indd or after hours of hard working? (Can it be from unsufficient memory?) Does it happen regullary, often or just randomly? Do you need to restart Indd to solve it or just click out of text frame and back?

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            wtaylor888 Level 1

            Hi Kaladja,


            Thanks so much for getting back to me. We're working on books, on Macs. Remote workflow with an offsite designer. I'm an in-house editor. This is our first time trying the ID/IC workflow. It's tricky, to put it mildly.


            My understanding is that this happened to the designer just this once, after hours of work. It just happened this once. Here's what he said:


            "Hi all, once again I am locked out of the main text boxes so far as making direct changes to the text. I checked the menu = edit= InCopy = and then <check out> was ghosted back and inoperable. I was almost finished with the correx when suddenly all of the text boxes aquire an icon in the upper left corner = a little pencil with a red slash thru them. Help."


            I had him check in all, but there was one that won't check back in, and that is greyed out when he tries to do it.


            After reading this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/670619 I thought it would be good at this point to have the designer trash all Assignments and unlink all Stories anyway. We're not going to be working on InCopy for further rounds of proofs, and we're trying to get this to go to the printer asap anyway. So I sent him some instructions on how to delete Assignments and unlink Stories. That sounds so scary to do, but my understanding is that Assignments and Stories are just ways for ID to communicate with IC, so that's fine, right--even recommended before going to print? I've asked the designer to make a backup of the ID file first, just in case.


            Thanks for attention!