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    Dynamically changing form binding




      I would like to dynamically change the binding variable (bind.ref) of a subform during runtime based on a "change event" triggered by a single/multiple selection in a list box, contained in a different subform.


      List box A is part of subform A, during completion of the form, the user selects one or more entries from list box A and triggers a "change event". Based on this event a table, part of subform B, is filled with entries that depend on the users selection in the list box. The rows in this table are determined by the "bind.ref" value of subform B. That means, dependent on the list box selection "bind.ref" will be assigned with a different array, that is also constructed at runtime.


      Before asking for hints to a possible solution, I would like to know whether it is possible in general to change the binding of a subform dynamically (so not in the "initialize event" as in Daniel's case), based on a "change event" triggered by a list box selection?