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    PP 6.02 loading clips painfully slow

    DareCinema Level 1



      I am trying to edit a 10 hour mini-series on Premiere Pro 6.


      I have about 20,000 clips in the project.


      Up until the recent update it would load everything in about 5 - 10 minutes.


      As of now I've been waiting an hour and it's only 30% done.


      This started with the recent 6.02 update.


      I'm using OS 10.7.4 32gbs of RAM dual Xeon processors with 10 TBs of drive space.


      Any suggestions as to how to get this back to normal?


      Thanks in advance.





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          lasvideo Level 4

          Heres a thread that discusses something that may be your problem.




          Or maybe this is the issue



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            Stephen_Spider Level 3

            My suggestion would be to split this into several projects. Sounds like you are essentially editing an entire series in one project.


            1. You might use time machine to revert your system drive to a time before the update.


            2. If you already have invested a ton of time in project set up and edits, you can still use project manager to split out the projects into more manageable sub projects.


            Are you editing this on your own? On one machine?

            I would wonder about the time frame in which you are planning on completing the project. Also I would encourage you to add extra levels of file management redundancy androutine  project archiving.

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              DareCinema Level 1

              lasvideo, thanks but that's not the same problem I am having. Appreciate you chiming in though!


              Stephen, thanks for writing. It's a pretty massive project and because clips often criss-cross between segments I have been working everything inside the same edit. I also wanted to see just how hard I could push Premiere (I've been using Premiere for 7 years now). Mind you once everything loads it still does just fine. Edits like a champ. Just was a bit frustrating with the load time.


              On #1, I don't have time machine set-up anymore as I ate up all my space.


              On #2 this is an interesting suggestion. I'm letting project manager analyze my project right now. I've never used project manager to break off individual edits so this should be interesting. Yes, just me on one machine. I'm shooting and editing at the same time and also doing graphics so I reckon by December. I have two full backups of all footage and edit files and save to a new edit file every couple of days (plus I have auto-save rolling).


              And for whatever reason, today when I opened a different project and then went back to the large project, suddenly the problem dissappeared. Weird but there it is. All 20,000 clips now load again under 4 minutes.


              Thanks for the assistance.


              Best, Dare

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                lasvideo Level 4

                One question, have you noticed if your project size has increased dramatically since the upgrade to 6.02? Obviously a larger projectdoes take longer to load.

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                  DareCinema Level 1

                  Haven't had that problem at all. Project size is only 50 megabytes and hasn't changed since updating to 6.02. Best, Dare

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                    lasvideo Level 4

                    I see. Thanks for asnwering!