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    Using modules from different projects

    megharajdeepak Level 1

      Hello there,

      I'm trying to reuse existing modules from different projects by compiling them into another new project, but it's just not working!


      I have 2 projects with following modules in them:

      ProjectA: MyModuleProjA1, MyModuleProjA2, MyModuleProjA3

      ProjectB: MyModuleProjB1, MyModuleProjB2, MyModuleProjB3


      Now I have created a new project called ProjectC, in which I want to use MyModuleProjA2 and MyModuleProjB3 along with a new module which belongs to this project alone, which would be MyModuleProjC1.


      Firstly I directly tried to copy the MyModuleProjA2.swf from ProjectA's bin-debug folder and MyModuleProjB3.swf from ProjectB's bin-debug folder, into ProjectC's bin-debug, but when I ran ProjectC's main app file, it throwed hell lot of run time errors, without even loading initial screen. It was all black.


      I wonder if there is a different way to compile them?


      I did try searching on net, which talks about complier options like  -link-report=lnkreport.xml, -load-externs=lnkreport.xml, -keep-all-type-seectors=true, -allow-source-path-overlap=true. But nothing has worked out yet (or am I not using them in right way? )


      Basic idea is to reuse the code base instead of duplicating those modules in ProjectC. Since there will be lot of changes\enhancements to those modules, I don't want to code it in two places all the time Just want to maintain the code of the modules in one place and just reuse it's swf in other projects.


      I am using Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, but project SDK is 3.6A.



      Appreciate your help....