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    Clean up sound

      I'm looking for software that can help cleanup the hissing, ect produced by Captivate.

      Any recommendations would be great since I cannot re-record.

      Too bad we can cleanup the recorder on captivate.

      Thanks in advance
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Who told you the recording cannot be edited in Captivate? Of course it can, though the audio editor in Captivate is definitely not a full-featured tool.

          But I think your problem might be in the recording itself. Make sure you have a good *sound environment* in which to record. And make sure that you have a decent (not expensive, just solid) audio card for your PC. And finally, get a decent quality (again, not expensive, but solid) microphone.

          That aside, the answer to your question is that there are a huge variety of audio editors out there to select from, including the freely available *Audacity*, and Adobes Systems *Sound Booth*. The trick to cleaning up existing problems like hissing is to (in effect) drive up the volume on the waveform, so that the hissing is less noticable as a component of the waveform. In some cases, it is just not possible. That is why *digitally remastered* old songs are often still crappy when listened to.

          You can Goggle for *audio editor* to get info on other editors. Good luck.