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    Colour change in identically exported PDFs: InDesign CS5 to CS6

    HannahSDesign Level 1

      Artwork turns out with a greener hue in a PDF Print document exported using InDesign CS6 trial software that has ruined a whole print run.


      This catalogue has been printed in past years using CS4 and CS5 software, each time the colours in the exported PDF proof, PDF Print file and InDesign files being accurate and matching perfectly.


      This time I used a trial of InDesign CS6 - Importing the same mother file as previous years and working on the document. When exporting the document however, despite using identical settings to export PDF files in the past, the exported PDFs turn out with a greener hue than the previous CS5 PDFs. I trialed a few different kinds of colour conversions in the PDF export window (i.e. 'no conversion' to 'convert to destination - RGB') just to see what happened -  and all turned out with the same result. The colour change is small but this was exxaggerated at print and as a result the colours

      looked drastically different from the catalogue the year before. Printing aside, (as it's a whole other ballgame), it came down to this slight PDF colour change.


      I'm wondering if anyone can help explain this - does CS6 handle colour exporting differently to CS5?