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    Kernel Panics on exports!


      I've had this happen on a couple projects recently. Whether I export straight from Pr or send to AME it doesnt matter. Sometimes I can isolate the issue to a filter or problem area, but this time its super random. It has kernel paniced 5 times in different parts of the encode. What gives?! Could it be a plugin? Its very frustrating. I feel Pr is super speedy up until export, then its either super fast or very slow and/or problematic.

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          jdertinger Level 1

          UPDATE: I rendered the whole sequence (high quality) and exported an MPEG by matching sequence settings / use previews. No problems. Then I exported an h264 version using previews, no problems. A big time saver in Pr is not having to render, and I hardly ever do except for this. Would appreciate any feedback. Will try to export it on another system to see if I can replicate the kernel panics.

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            Greg Baber Adobe Employee

            Kernel panics are always tied to hardware.  It may be the fact that the process of rendering is offloading work to a component of your system that is not usually as taxed as it is during rendering.  The best step right now is to make sure all of your drivers are fully up to date.