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    Mysterious Clip Marker

    ACT.onn Level 1

      Hello All


      I have a sequence which has 2 sets of nested clips. On one of the nested clips there is a marker that I probably put there, but I cannot remove. The strangest thing is that it is on the audio track, not the video and audio. I have gone into the nested sequence and used the remove all markers and I even tried to see if the source footage in the nested sequence had a marker on it. Nada.


      So I have this phantom clip marker that I cannot get rid of and there is no remove all clip markers command that I can find.


      If I turn on audio units and zoom in I have noticed that it is in between 2 frames.


      The reason I want to remove this marker? Because I want to create another marker for synchronizing the 2 nested sequences with each other. After setting up the internal clip markers where I want to sync on I go to the choice and it is greyed out. I am not sure if it is because of the clip marker or if nested sequences can be synchronized...


      Any thoughts?