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    Cannot run droplet

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      I created a droplet from an action I recorded, and placed it on my desktop. The first time I did it, the process worked well and without problems. Then, I tried to move the file (or shortcut maybe?) to a folder and use it, but all I got was a message reading "Could not run the droplet because the file could be found". So, I deleted that droplet file and created a new one on the desktop, but then I got the same message again.


      Does anyone know what happened and how can it be fixed?


      Also, can I place droplets in folders other then the desktop? Can I place a few in the same folder and name them as I wish?


      Many thanks,



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your load/ save operations in the actions and the respective overrides. Yes, droplets can be stored anywhere you like, but if they contain a wrong path reference to your files, they won't work, no matter what.



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            aniata2222 Level 1

            Thanks for the answer.


            It seems that I misunderstood the "Destination" section of the droplet menu. I thought it meant where the files will be saved, but apparantley it means where the files will be taken from, right? Anyway, it's working now. Thanks!

            But, for some reason, when I drop files into the droplet file, it starts running only after I close and re-open Photoshop. When the program is already open nothing happens. Why is that?