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    Spark button event record.



      I've the issue about record event in automation framework. A mouse events (double click, click, mouseDown) do not recording method which listen the event, i.e. automationManager.addEventListener(AutomationRecordEvent.RECORD, recordHandler, false, 0, true) but events from keyboard such as SPACE or ENTER is successfull recorded.

      This is snippet of xml environment files with event for spark button:



      <ClassInfo Name="SparkButton" Extends="SparkButtonBase" SupportsTabularData="false">

              <Implementation class="spark.components::Button"/>




                  <Event Name="Click"   >

                  <Implementation class="flash.events::MouseEvent" Type="click"/>

                      <Property Name="triggerEvent"  DefaultValue="1">

                          <PropertyType Type="Enumeration" Codec="event"/>                  


                      <Property Name="ctrlKey"  DefaultValue="false">

                        <PropertyType Type="Boolean"/>


                      <Property Name="altKey"  DefaultValue="false">

                        <PropertyType Type="Boolean"/>


                      <Property Name="shiftKey"  DefaultValue="false">

                        <PropertyType Type="Boolean"/>





                  <Event Name="TypeSpark" >

                      <Implementation class="flash.events::KeyboardEvent" Type="keyPress"/>

                      <Property Name="keyCode" >

                          <PropertyType Type="String" Codec="keyCode" DefaultValue="ENTER"/>               






      In what may be the cause?