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    one specific google play book gives E_ADEPT_INTERNAL error


      One (and only one) book I bought from google play won't load in adobe digital editions. It gets the error popup:


      Error getting license

      Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_INTERNAL


      I can feed the .acsm file for any of the other books I bought on google play to digital editions, and it

      downloads the epubs with no problem at all.


      To me, this feels a heck of a lot more like a google problem than an adobe problem, but I thought

      I'd ask in here to see what others think.


      I also installed adobe digital editions on a 2nd PC that never had it installed, authorized it with

      the same account, and I get the same error on just that one book, and no problems on other

      books I try.


      I wonder if my best bet isn't to just get google to give me a refund and buy the book

      for kindle instead :-).

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          Claghorn47 Level 1

          This is interesting. I just tried again a day later, and this time I get a different error:


          Error getting license

          License server communication problem:



          If I exit adobe digital edition, and restart it, then it asks if it sould resume pending tasks, and when I say yes, it gets the same E_ADEPT_INTERNAL error I got above again.

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            Just bought a Nook specifically because it could load books purchased from indie book stores - same error. Downloaded purchased book, same thing, Re-started, re-loaded, etc. Same thing.


            I also used the Cmd+O keyboard option to add a book, and my .acsm file is grayed out...


            So... I dragged the title from the desktop to the ADE icon on the dock. This indeed opened the application but I received instead a new error message:


            Error getting license






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              I got the same error with 2 ebooks I purchased yesterday on Google Play. ("Gods of Risk" and "The Butcher of Anderson Station" by James S.A. Corey.) I had previously purchased 6 ebooks on Google Play without problem.


              It wasn't a problem with my computer (I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 and had not used ADE yet). It's a problem with Google.


              Yesterday, I asked a refund from books.google.com, then I saw I could also ask a refund when reporting a problem on Google Play, so I did this too. I got an immediate refund from Google Play.


              Then I bought both ebooks on Kobo.com.


              Today, I had an email from Google Play Support:

              I apologize for the disruption this issue has caused in your reading experience. Please note we are aware of the problem and working to fix it as quickly as possible.

              While I can't provide an exact date as to when it will be fixed, I will email you as soon as I have an update.

              I've been buying ebooks for 14 years, from (now known as) eReader, Fictionwise, Bean Books, O'Reilly and Manning. I never had a problem until yesterday.


              I really hate DRM, and I really despise publishers that buy in the fear, uncertainty, doubt and disinformation. And I hate Adobe even more.


              But it's that, or never buying fiction ebooks anymore. (Thankfully, publishers in the tech industry don't use DRM.)


              Some day, publishers will go the way of the music industry, which now sells MP3 without DRM. Meanwhile, they can't but continue to alienate their customers.

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                Claghorn47 Level 1

                Thanks for the tip about going through the google play interface to get the refund. I had just asked for one via some Help page email address and was still waiting, but as soon as I went through the play interface to report a problem with the book, I got the refund right away. It is nice to know google have finally decided this is their problem. In their response to my original problem report they were pointing fingers at adobe, but I guess maybe enough people started having problems they decided they needed to pay attention after all.

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                  sadly it looks like the tech publishers have now started using DRM