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    Setting up your system


      Hey guys,

      Been using Premiere Pro CS5 since it came out but I've run into a problem.  I purchased a Sony HVR-A1U and I'm trying to capture footage by connecting DV/HDV to 9-pin firewire and I also have a G-RAID Drive that has 9 to 9-pin firewire running to the iMac (only one 9-pin port on iMac)  I can't seem to find a multiple 9-pin hub or port device to connect multiple 9-pin firewire.  Temporarily I'm having to unplug my external drive, create the project and cache files and dump footage on a USB drive, then plug G-RAID back in and copy files over... it's absolutely an efficiency killer.  Any workaround for plugging both G-RAID and camera in at same time with 9-pin firewire. 


      -Thanks guys