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    Joomla Publish plugin

    macallf Level 1

      I am looking in to writing a publish plugin for a gallery component running under the Joomla CMS (1.5).


      I don't know lua, so I'm going to have some learning to do, but my question is has anybody done something similar?


      If so, was xmlrpc or another authentication/protocol system used? Although I undrstand PHP and C++ I'm unsure of the best method to use for remote user authentication and everything else!!!


      I realise I am going to have to write the api for the component (Joomgallery - http://www.en.joomgallery.net ) because none exists, but before I embark on this I need to know the best way to go about this.


      I realise this is a big ask, but if someone has done something similar it will give me a starting point to research, I have never used xmlrpc either so maybe more stuff to research.


      My ultimate goal, to create a plugin that will handle publishing of categories as well as images, the ability to retrieve comments and rankings and ultimately the ability to link to the cart system i.e. retrieve orders to create collections with sub collections of print sizes/finishes of selected images.


      Any insight of where to start, what to research etc would be much appreciated.

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          areohbee Level 6

          I'm not familiar with Joomla, but I have written plugins that communicate with servers via xml-rpc.


          Download any of my plugins and inspect the code for checking the server for an update - it uses the usual client as master, server as slave, which is the easiest to do.


          I also wrote a system whereby server can be master (client replies to server commands instead of the other way around), and one where both sides were peers (either side could issue spontaneous commands that the other would reply to), but client side as master is simplest (the usual: client issues commands, server responds) and therefore recommended if possible.


          Note: xml-rpc is great once the infrastructure is in place. Although if you only have a relatively small set of things you'll need to do, and don't plan to reuse the parts, and/or talk to foreign servers that also speak xml-rpc..., a regular web-app kinda thing (using url-params) may get you to a working solution sooner.


          If Joomla speaks xml-rpc already, then maybe it's a no-brainer...



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            Dear Macallf,


            Did you succeed? I'm looking for a plugin like that!