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    When do clips part?


      Could somebody kindly direct me to an instruction of the principles of whether inserting a clip in the timeline causes other clips to move and/or split?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you insert a clip -- by adding it to the inside rather than end of a clip on your timeline -- the clip on the timeline will split to accommodate you.


          You can also insert a clip by holding down the Shift key and dragging your new clip onto your Monitor panel.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out, the modifier key used (or not used), will determine exactly how the new Clip interacts with existing Clips.


            For instance, if one drags a Clip to the middle of a Clip on a populated Timeline, that existing Clip will split, and the remaining part of it will slide down the Timeline, along with any following Clips, to accommodate the newly added one.


            If one holds down the Ctrl key, while dragging the new Clip, it will replace the same number of Frames, as its Duration.


            The modifier keys, or lack of their use, will control exactly what happens on the Timeline, and to any existing Clips on it.


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              petergirimalling Level 1

              Dear Bill and Steve,

              Again, thanks a lot for your responsiveness. It's like having a guardian angle to ask every time a problem occurs ;-)


              Is there any way to "lock" the tracks to each other. If I put some b-roll over a jumpcut I want that B-roll to stay the same place, relatively to the main track, even though I insert something inside either the main track or the b-roll track. I had problems with this, after I moved the main track from track 1 to track 4 (to solve the sound-problem we talked about yesterday)? Could it be that track 1 behaves differently than the other tracks?


              Best regards,


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                petergirimalling Level 1

                Just experimented a little: what I actually also noticed was that if I insert something in track 5 (over another clip in track 4), it will cut the clip in track 4 and move the part of the clip to the right, till after the clip I inserted (even though the clip was inserted in another track). Hence, it will make an gap in track 4 where I insert a clip in track 5. This is not always what I want. Maybe it is special to other tracks than track 1. I don't think it had this behaviour when I had the main clip in track 1.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Unfortunately, PrE does not allow for Track Locking (maybe it'll be in PrE 11, as I have filed several feature requests), and the closest that I can think of, is to use Clip>Group, but that is basically to allow one to move multiple "Grouped" Clips at once.


                  Good luck,



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Track Locking, a la Premiere Pro, would take care of that.


                    If one has, say a music Track, already in the Timeline, and then they do a Ripple Edit, by inserting a new Clip, between existing Clips, so that those to the right move along the Timeline, to accommodate the new one, the music Track will also separate and move too - not my ideal. That is why I have filed the Feature Requests for full Track Locking.


                    As I normally edit all my Video first, and do not add a music, or narration Track, until things are finished, it does not bother me as much as one who is doing a music video, and cutting the visuals to a song. Then, Track Locking should be essential, but it is still missing, as of PrE 10.


                    Sorry for the bad news,