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    Allowing customers upload data directly into CQ5's DAM/CMS (JCR)?

    biosopher Level 1

      My client's customers need to submit content back to the website.  This content consists of data files, instruments, text attributes that can total ~50MB in some cases.


      My question has a few parts:

      1. Does CQ5's DAM and CMS support direct content upload/import from users via a web page?

      2. The content would need to be automatically searchable.  Can CQ5 be setup to auto-notify an Endeca search server about the newly uploaded content? 

      3. Is there any reason we should not import 50 MB wirth of customer data into the CQ5 CMS and DAM?

      4. It seems all this must occur on the production (publishing) CQ5 instance.  Agreed?